Focus on Football and Solidarity

24. Jul 2013
Toensberg ny
Hilde Birkelund Preus is Youth Sporting Manager at Eik Tønsberg, which now is a part of Club 100 at Dana Cup.

 Focus on Football and Solidarity

'We didn't take part in the first Dana Cup 32 years ago. But, on the other hand, we have been here each year since then, and this year four teams participate.' Hilde Birkelund Preus says.

She is Youth Sporting Manager at Eik Tønsberg, which Tuesday evening at the VIP event became an official member of Club 100 at Dana Cup – that is the club in which the members have sent 100 or more teams to Dana Cup though out the years. Moreover, Hilde Birkelund Preus is a member of the board at Eik Tønsberg.

'Each year we sent a team B15, B16 and G16. We have always done so. In addition, this year we have a team in B19. Before the departure from Norway the players sign their names to a letter stating that they will do drink alcohol, nor party at the disco. In Eik Tønsberg we don't try to hide the fact that we come to Dana Cup in order to play football and to be together. Football and solidarity form the basis of our stay at Dana Cup, and last year we were even managed to win the final in class G19,' explains Hilde Birkelund Preus, who praises Dana Cup a lot.

'Dana Cup is a great event. It is easy for us to get to Denmark. The facilities are great and the football pitches are all close by. Through out all the years we have stayed in Højene. Here we feel at home, and here we have gradually gotten to know many of the guards,' Hilde Birkelund Preus adds.

Eik Tønsberg is the biggest club in the area: a club with 52 teams. The trip to Dana Cup is one of the highlights of the year. The club pays for a part of the trip, while the players have to pay the rest. It has never been a problem because the parents have always been very supportive. Many of the parents come along to Denmark – as a consequence, Eik Tønsberg has never been depended on busses. In stead, players and coaches drive in private cars.

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