From Mumbai to Dana Cup

24. Jul 2013
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 From Mumbai to Dana Cup

 Andheri Football Academy has travelled to Dana Cup together with India's national coach.

Andheri FA, which is considered one of the best football academies in Mumbai, has for the second time come to Dana Cup, and this time they have brought along a rather special trump card: India's national coach, Maloy Sengupta.

'There are about 100 players at the academy, and 14 of those are here at Dana Cup. It makes the academy a rather large academy, because football is not as popular as in other countries. However, we have a very fine cooperation with several schools and, at the academy, we practice 2 ½ hours a day,' explains Mr Sengupta, whose expectations are not too high.

'So far, we have been very satisfied with the tournament. We drew with a Swedish team, and we are happy with the result,' says Mr Sengupta, who also came along to Dana Cup in 2011 when they participated in the tournament for the first time

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