Jury in Control of the Players

25. Jul 2013
Jury ny
The jury at Dana Cup work hard to ensure that no teams use players, who are too old. Besides, the players in this picture are not suspected of being too old.

 Jury in Control of the Players

 Any complaints of the matches during Dana Cup will be passed on to the jury. Many complaints concern referees, who, according to the protests, have performed poorly and, thus, have had a negative effect on the outcome of the games. The rest of the complaints, more or less, involve opponents, who have used players that are too old to participate in a certain age group.

'In the tournament rules it is written that the jury at Dana Cup can take a random test in relation to the age of the players. Already last year we started to take more random tests and, this year, we have intensified the work. We turn up early at the football fields before the start of a match and then we ask the teams to hand over a list of the players, whom the coach plans on using. Then we control the age of the players. This kind of preventive work has resulted in fewer complaints that previous years,' explain Finn Larsen and Hans Jørn Christensen, who make up the jury together with Søren Bach.

Monday evening at midnight every club has to hand in a list of all the players they want to use at the tournament. Afterwards, no changes can be made to the list, not even if a team has several injured players.

'In a way, we prevent clubs from switching a player from one team to another, if they see an opportunity to improve their chances of winning,' stress the two experienced members of the jury, who have been stricter this year than previous years.

Anybody can file a protest. A complaint costs 500 Danish kroner, and if the complain is justified one will get one's money back.

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