KLYS – a Multiethnic Football Team

25. Jul 2013
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Kuala Lumpur Youth Soccer Academy sets new standards for diversity on the football pitch

 KLYS – a Multiethnic Football Team

KLYS from Malaysia is what one could call a rather variegated crowd. Due to special rules in the Malayan league, they have taken the initiative by establishing an academy for young, primarily foreign players.

'In Malaysia foreign players are not allowed to play in the league-system. In consequence, we established an academy in order to give the many foreigners in Malaysia the opportunity to play youth football and be together with the others. In our team we have players from 6-8 countries at the moment, for instance from Switzerland, Nigeria, Japan and China,' explains Aidil Sulaiman, who used to be a professional football player in Singapore.

'Football is very valuable as a tool for integration. Here, it is not important where people are from or how they look like. By teaching children the meaning of respect, we can live and work together in stead of looking at where people are from,' clarifies Aidil Sulaiman, before he talks about the goals of the team at this year's tournament.

'For such a small academy as ours, we are very content. By coming to Dana Cup, and by playing against all the best teams, and by learning about other cultures, we have already reached ours goals' he says.

You can watch the entire interview with KLYS on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfGrjlhR0EM

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