M*A*S*H Praise the Coaches to the Skies

26. Jul 2013
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 M*A*S*H Praise the Coaches to the Skies

 This year's Dana Cup has been very warm, but people at the M*A*S*H tent praise the coaches highly for not letting the players succumb to the heat.

Week 30 in Hjørring is known for its good weather and, again this year, the week has included lots of sunshine and nice football weather. Nevertheless, the players rarely feel poorly in the heat.

'We have only had one incident of a player feeling unwell due to the heat. Thus, we would like to praise the coaches, whom we see bringing along plenty of water for all the games,' says Jette Nordberg, the manager of Dana Cup's own injury tent which also makes an extra contribution to science.

In total, the people at M*A*S*H have treated around 700 people, anything from scratches and bruises to diagnostic x-rays and the doctors at the tent are able to judge whether or not a person is to be driven to Hjørring hospital.

Moreover, they have also been busy in the massage tent treating aching muscles and joints.

'Our busiest day was on Tuesday as 156 people had massage and, so far, 454 participants have had massage during the week. It is primarily back massage, which is a little bit atypical,' the manager of the massage tent, Jørgen Konradsen, utters.

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