B12 Finals: Hjørring FC vs Fyllingsdalen FK

26. Jul 2013
Hjørring in the red jerseys lost a very close final and can be proud of the silver medals.

 Penalty Kicks Decide Final

B12: Hjørring FC (DEN) - Fyllingsdalen FK (NOR) 5 - 6 (1 - 2)

 In football there is no such thing as justice, and in a final there always has to be a winner. Therefore, it was ok that Fyllingsdalen FK from Norway won the final in B12. On the other hand, Hjørring FC might as well have held the trophy because the game was very equal and well played. Naturally, the players from Hjørring FC were disappointed but they can be proud of the silver medals.

At half time the Norwegians were ahead, but with a good grasp of the play Hjørring equalised. Then the two teams both scored and as Hjørring had equalised with just a few seconds left of the game, the match went into extra time. Here both teams again managed to score.

In the penalty shoot out the two goalkeepers took centre stage as they saved four of the attempts. However, Fyllensdal won by one goal in the end.

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