B17 Finals: Club America vs Hjørring FC

26. Jul 2013
The players of the two teams fought fiercely about the ball. Club America from Mexico won gold medals

 Highly Dramatic Final

 B17: Club America (MEX) - Hjørring FC (DEN) 1 - 0 (0 - 0)

Two red cards to Club America and the expulsion of the Mexican coach was the culmination of a highly dramatic final in B17 between Club America and Hjørring FC. The match was intense, and both teams must be praised for the will to fight. And, in particular, Hjørring must be praised for keeping cool, they never gave up trying to win the game.

Furthermore, if Hjørring had netted one from the penalty spot just 90 seconds before the end of the game, the result might have been different, but they missed the golden opportunity. In stead it was Club America's players, who celebrated a long distance goal on the edge of the box after seven minutes of play in the second half.

It is a pity that the red cards and the expulsion of the agitated coach in the end marred the passionate fight.

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