G16 Finals: Astor FK vs Molde FK

27. Jul 2013
Molde in the white jerseys beat Astor 7-0, who never gave up

 Strong Win for Molde

 G16: Astor FK (NOR) - Molde FK (NOR) 0 - 7 (0 - 3)

Astor FK fought bravely for the whole 60 minutes but, in a purely Norwegian Final in G16, Molde was simply too good. From the first whistle, the players in the white jerseys from Molde put a lot of pressure on Astor, who never created any big chances.

Molde displayed a beautiful and effective game. Moreover, a creative number 20 in good form and an extremely dangerous finisher wearing the jersey number 50 led the team.

The result speaks for itself. 7-0 signals a huge difference, but Astor must be praised for never giving up even when things looked bleak. In addition, you cannot blame Astor's goalkeeper: Molde simply played a great game.

Thus, it was a strong win in a beautiful final.

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