M*A*S*H Support Science through a Ph.D. Project

27. Jul 2013

 M*A*S*H Support Science through a Ph.D. Project

 This year when the M*A*S*H tent has injured players, their unfortunate situation supports science in the fight against injuries.

'This year M*A*S*H is involved in a Ph.D. project, in which the researchers partly want to analyse if some injuries are over-represented and, for instance, if any particular injuries are in some way related to gender or age,' the manager of the M*A*S*H tent, Jette Nordberg, explains.

It is expected that the results will improve the possibility of preventing injuries in the long run since it is a study, which has never been done before on such a large scale:

'We have treated around 700 people, anything from scratches and bruises to diagnostic x-rays, so we have plenty of data to analyse when doing the Ph.D.,' explains Peter Anker, who normally studies medicine at Aarhus University.

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