Finals B14: Bærum SK vs Pequeninos do Jockey

27. Jul 2013

 Anticipated Brazilian Victory

 B14: Bærum SK (NOR) - Pequeninos do Jockey (BRA) 0 - 2 (0 - 0)

If everybody had predicted that Brazilian Pequeninos do Jockey was going to beat Norwegian Bærum SK in the final in B14, then nobody had told the Norwegian boys. Bærum SK played their own game believing that the Brazilian favourites could be beaten by proper Norwegian football.

Therefore, one should praise Bærum SK to the skies because they played some of the most positive football at this year's finals. Not least considering the fact that the Norwegian boys in the yellow jerseys were much smaller than their opponents. For instance, some of the Brazilian players did not mind having a shoot on goal from the middle of the pitch – hard kicks, even.

Consequently, it did not come as a huge surprise when Pequeninos won gold medals but, in reality, Bærum SK was the positive surprise.

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