Support at the Danish Embassy in Argentina

28. Jan 2014

Photo: The two embassy workers, Nina Skyhøj Olsen and Søren Hasholt, are a huge help for the Dana Cup in Buenos Aires.

Support at the Danish Embassy in Argentina


The Royal Danish Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina has become a serious Dana Cup team mate. 

In an effort to secure more exciting South American football on the field in Hjørring, you will find the Dana Cup on the road in Argentina at this time.   

Our efforts are being followed by Advisor Nina Skyhøj Olsen and Commercial Advisor Søren Hasholt from the embassy where the Dana Cup representatives have visited.  

The two embassy workers have provided a great assistance to the Dana Cup, which can be compared to an export company in many ways. The sale of participation at the Dana Cup goes to more than 90% of clubs coming from a foreign country.  

Nina Skyhøj Olsen believes that the Dana Cup has a high intercultural and cultural value. She is helping to present the tournament to Argentine clubs, where one of the major priorities in the social aspect of the tournament.  

A task that needs to be solved to attract more Argentine teams, is the economical side.  

Søren Hasholt will help explore the possibilities for sponsorship from Danish companies who have relations in Argentina and from Argentine companies who have interests in Denmark. 

- I believe we have been given the greatest assistance from the embassy and there is no doubt that the clubs we have visited are very interested in a trip to Denmark to experience European football. I have no doubt that we have made some great relationships that will make the Dana Cup even more international in the future, says Jette Andersen from the Dana Cup.

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