Romance at the Dana Cup

14. Mar 2014

Photo: Alexi is looking forward to the Dana Cup 2014, where she will guest on Fortuna's G17 team.

Romance at the Dana Cup


Dana Cup is a meeting place for young people from all around the world. Some of these meetings evolve into pure romance. That was the case in 1990 when Diana and Mike were on the "Hat Trick Tour" with Beach City SC who travelled from southern California.

Love sparkled in Hjørring and four years later the young couple got married.

Now Diana and Mike Rose are ready to send the next generation from Herriman in Utah to Denmark.

Dana Cup has always been highly regarded in the American household, the families oldest out of four children, 17 year old Alexi, has heard so much about the soccer tournament that she too wants to take part in the Dana Cup.

The Danish agent, Sven Erik Jensen from Sport International made the contact between Alexi and Dana Cup's organizing club, Fortuna Hjørring.

It was not possible to put a team together from Herriman in Utah, so Dana Cup's Marketing Manager; Alison Leigh Forman organized it so Alexi could be a guest player on Fortuna Hjørring's G17 team this summer. While Alexi's father Mike has to stay at home and take care of his business and his job as a successful youth trainer, Alexi's mother Diana will make the trip to Hjørring. She will have a reunion at the place where she met her husband and Alexi's father, 24 years ago.

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Photo: The Rose family at home in Utah, they are all excited for Alexi and Diana to be able to represent the family at the Dana Cup once again.

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