Spreading knowledge of the Dana Cup

11. Apr 2014

Photo: Flemming Nielsen spoke enthusiastically about the Dana Cup and received a warm applause from the chairman of the Danish Company Athletic Organization.

Spreading knowledge of the Dana Cup


The interest to know more about the Dana Cup, the huge organization behind and the results that are made when thousands of young soccer players gather in Hjørring is increasing. And at the Dana Cup we are very interested in spreading the knowledge that we have for something that is so big and good for the city of Hjørring.

Just recently, Dana Cup's employee Flemming Nielsen who also is a former Danish Champion with Fortuna Hjørring's elite team, was out in the field. 

Flemming Nielsen sells the Dana Cup daily her in Denmark and on the export market. Germany where he has played professionally himself is one of his prime areas. 

But this time around it was our "home market" that indirectly received a visit.

Flemming Nielsen engaged and excited the Presidents from the Danish Company Athletic Orgainzation at Nyborg Strand, where they were holding their Presidents Meeting when he presented the Dana Cup to them.

- I believe they were very happy and surprised to hear about our huge tournament in Hjørring and the thousands of participants from all around the World, says Flemming Nielsen.

- We hope that these athletic interested companies spread the word to others and if there are any other organizations or associations who are interested in hearing more about the Dana Cup, we are ready to come and visit.

Ultimately we hope to receive more teams, so we can renew and maintain the Dana Cup as the enormous experience it is for thousands of young soccer players. 

In 2013 the Dana Cup welcomed 921 teams. This means around 18 to 20,000 players and leaders in Hjørring in the last week of July. And it looks like there will be even more in 2014.


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