05. May 2014

This year's Dana Cup has reached 1.045 teams


Dana Cup number 33 will be fantastic in regards to the number of registered teams.

20.000 young soccer players will play 2.645 games in the last week of July.

Never before have we welcomed so many young players to the Dana Cup from the 21st to the 26th of July. The northern part of "Vendsyssel" with Hjørring as the vital center, will be filled with joyful youth when the tournament kicks off on and off the playing fields. 

The 1st of May was the official deadline for entries and at that time there were 1.045 teams and there are more teams on the way. 

- It is quiet overwhelming. Over the latest years we have experienced a steady increase in the number of registered teams. Last year we reached 921 teams from 45 nations and this year we already have 124 extra teams, 1.045 teams including 4 extra nations.

Dana Cup's Director Jette Andersen is very happy, to say the least, with the huge interest for the Dana Cup from all around the World. There has been sweat on the brows of the Dana Cup employees but it is an encouraging work.  

- We are really looking forward to welcoming our guests, along with the clubs that we work together with to organize the Dana Cup. At the same time we realize it will be a huge challenge when so many young people must have both a sporting and social experience during the week they are in Hjørring and the surrounding areas. 

In recent years we have experienced the local community welcoming our guests even better than before and we are standing stronger around the Dana Cup. This kind of attitude is even more important this year, so our participants can pick up good memories to take home with them from the Dana Cup.

Everyone will certainly be putting in an extra effort this year. It will be very exciting but we will get the job done says Jette Andersen.

2014 will be the year where there will be a little extra food in the pots, more sleeping spaces in the classrooms and other rooms and where there will be even more buses running back and forth so the young soccer players can get between the playing fields, schools and different activities.

And at the top, there will be played more soccer games than ever before. At this time, there will be 2.645 games started, which means the need for more playing fields. This is also a challenge that the Dana Cup are ready to solve.

The Dana Cup week will be a huge experience for everyone in and around Hjørring!

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