As in Brazil

19. Jul 2014

 Long term forecast for Hjørring, Nordjylland

 As in Brazil

The 20.000 participants at this years Dana Cup will enjoy some fantastic weather, that can be compared to the weather in Brazil a week ago. The German National Team secured the most beautiful World Cup trophy in the heat at Marecana stadium in Rio.

On Saturday the 26th of July, when the winners of the Dana Cup lift the winning trophies over their heads, they will have experienced a very hot week. Once again the Dana Cup will be played in extremely good weather. The forecast from the Norwegian weather station, YR which is very correct, is showing a week without one drop of water.

Dana Cup is ready to welcome 1.011 teams and we have secured the most amazing weather at the same time!

If you want to follow the weather forecast you can use this link – YR

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