Jury on Charm Offensive

21. Jul 2014

 Jury on Charm Offensive

 One of the complaints, which the members of Dana Cup's jury often receive, is about teams, who have apparently used illegal players – typically players who are older than allowed in the class in question. Therefore, jury member Finn Larsen has been on a charm offensive to several schools and sleeping places in order to outline the rules concerning the use of players during Dana Cup.

'It was a very good trip, where I had a great dialogue with coaches and managers about when a player is allowed to play and when not. Moreover, we talked about the fact that it is not allowed to use the same player on two teams in the same class. However, it is allowed to use a B13 player in a B15 game,' explains Finn Larsen, who pointed out the desirable in following the rules. Accordingly, one can focus on the games themselves.

'Dana Cup's rule book states that all clubs must bring along picture identification for all the players, plus lists encompassing dates of birth. Referees and jury have a right to take a spot test ahead of the games to make sure that the rules are observed but, naturally, we do not turn up to all the games and, consequently, a tournament like Dana Cup is built on trust between the management of the tournament and the individual clubs,' Finn Larsen emphasises.

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