12 Nations on the Same Team

22. Jul 2014

 12 Nations on the Same Team

 Even though One World Football Academy comes from Ghana's capital Accra, one should not expect to see a team of typical African players. On the contrary, almost. The team in B14 have players from no less than 12 nations and, as a matter of fact, only a few local Ghanaians players have come along.

'One World Football Academy is a new academy, where we gather children from 5 or 6 of the local schools. We typically practice Saturday and Sunday and, so far, we only have this team. However, the academy has only existed for 8 months,' one of the team's two coaches, George Abogbampo, explains.

As a consequence, One World Football Academy participates in Dana Cup for the first time.

'Nonetheless, Dana Cup is a great tournament to take part in. For several of the boys it is also the first time, they leave Ghana, so our goal is, first and foremost, to learn, grow and improve. We do not think that we can win the entire tournament and, thus, we did loose our first match 2-0 even though we had most ball possession,' George Abogbampo says.

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