Good to Experience the World

23. Jul 2014
usa opleve verden

 Good to Experience the World

 James Lawry from Portland, Oregon in the USA has come to Dana Cup for the first time with to teams, B13 and G12, from the National Soccer Academy.

The teams came from Gothia Cup in Sweden. On the first day of Dana Cup his boys had won one match and lost one; the girls had lost.

James loves Denmark and, so far, Dana Cup has only surprised him positively.

'People are so friendly and accommodating and the countryside is beautiful,' he says. He admits that it is a long journey from the USA to Denmark, but he feels that it is good for the children to experience the world. However, he thinks that it is a pity that many parents are here with their children, thereby, not giving them the chance to make their own choices like the ones without their parents.

The National Soccer Academy has chosen to come to Dana Cup because it is more exotic than a football tournament in the USA. At the tournaments in the USA they might play against teams from Mexico and Canada, but not from the rest of the world. Moreover, it is more exciting for the children to travel to Europe and see the world. James also says that, naturally, they are here to play soccer but, on the other hand, it is a great opportunity to experience Europe. The journey is long, but the international aspect is very important.

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