Co-operation with Berlin

24. Jul 2014
Here is the team Berliner Fussballverband

 Co-operation with Berlin

 In recent years, Fortuna Hjørring has experienced that it has become more and more difficult to find qualified opponents in Denmark. As a consequence, the club wants to establish a co-operation with competent clubs aboard. In that connection, head of Marketing Flemming Nielsen is in the process of establishing a co-operation between four clubs in Germany, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, respectively.

'Now that we want to set up a co-operation, we thought that it would be a good idea to invite the selected team from Berlin, Germany, to this year's tournament. Accordingly, we also plan on sending Fortuna Hjørring to Berlin next year,' Flemming Nielsen says.

The selected team from Berliner Fussballverband consists of players from four local clubs in and around Berlin, who have all been handpicked. Several of the players play in the second Bundesliga or for the national side.

'In order to developed the skills of the girls, it is important to find qualified opponents and, besides, Berlin is not very far away. During the winter season we will also try to launch training camps, where especially Norwegian teams can come and play,' explains Flemming Nielsen, who is looking forward to creating a tournament for four clubs. The tournament is supposed to rotate between the participating partners.

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