Forus & Gausel New in Club 100

24. Jul 2014

 Forus & Gausel New in Club 100

Club 100 is an exclusive club, which consists of the clubs that, over the years, have sent 100 or more teams to Dana Cup. At this year's VIP-party, Forus & Gausel became a new member of Club 100 and, actually, most of their teams have only participated within the last 10 years.

'10 years ago we began to send teams to Dana Cup for real, a bit more organised. Before that only a few teams had been to Hjørring,' explains the head of the delegation, Thor-Erik Østebø, whose daughter Katrine is among the 160 players and managers in 9 teams.

Forus & Gausel has 1100 members playing either football or handball. Every year the football players aged 9-12 participate in Sør-Cup in Kristiansand and then they can look forward to travelling to Hjørring.

'They really look forward to coming. Dana Cup is a great tournament, both sporting and socially, plus it is nice to be Norwegian in Denmark,' Thor-Erik Østebø smiles. For the last 10 years they have lived in Højene School and, throughout all the years, they have had a wonderful co-operation with Hirtshals Diving School, which is one of the clubs running things at Højene School.

'We start communicating with the diving school before we arrive. Moreover, the day before we leave Norway we send a man in a van to Denmark with our sports equipment. He makes sure that we are already check-in, plus prepare everything for our arrival. It works perfectly,' Thor-Erik Østebø stresses.

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