Colourful Team from Berlin

24. Jul 2014
Berlin in the red jerseys.

 Colourful Team from Berlin

 Highly concentrated but, nevertheless, fairly relaxed, the selected team from Berlin prepare for their next game. The high level of skills is no coincidence, since the players are specially chosen talents, aged 15-18, from the area around Berlin as the head coach Aileen Poese puts it. They select players from what is roughly the size of the Danish population.

'The contact was established through our youth committee. I was then asked which age group and, the players here are presently in the middle of the preparation for the new season. Some normally play in the second Bundesliga or B-Jugend Bundesliga and, thus, the team have some young and fairly experienced players. Moreover, that is the age group we are interested in,' explains Aileen .

As the clubs are in the middle of their prepartions for the new season, it is naturally difficult to bring along the players. However, since it is a one-week competition it is ok. Thus, they have brought along 18 players to Dana Cup. Some of they have already played 1 or 2 games for the German national side or at least been selected.

'It is a very colourful team in respect to both age and experience, but they are all very skilled. Let me put it like this. We can easily make substitutions,' smiles Aileen, whose goal is to reach the final. Nevertheless, the team still had time to visit the North Sea to recover.

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