Large Portions in the Kitchen

24. Jul 2014

 Large Portions in the Kitchen

 When more than 12,000 football players and coaches are to be fed, one needs a kitchen with huge pots – and a long shopping list. The more than 500 employees, who work in the outdoor kitchen behind Vendiahallen during the week, are some of the daily heroes of Dana Cup, and they cook large portions every day, when they have to cook 12,500 meals twice a day.

For instance, this year they cook 1489 cabbages, 1865 carrots, 2911 kilos of pasta, 2952 kilos of rice, 758 cucumbers and 885 kilo of sweet pepper. Meatballs are extremely popular among the young players. As a consequence, 120,000 meatballs are made this year, plus the staffs use 1125 kilos of meat for goulash and 14,500 chicken fillets.

Moreover, the heat means that it is very important to keep drinking water the entire day. Accordingly, the players have to drink at least 18,000 liters of water.

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