Wife has come along

24. Jul 2014

 Wife has come along

 Jacky Wong Siu-Kei from Hong Kong is here as a referee at Dana Cup for the second time. In 2012 he travelled the long way to Denmark on his own but, this year, the happy referee has brought along his wife, Mary Yang Wenxiu.

'It is the first time that Mary Yang Wenxiu visits Europe,' explains Jacky Wong Siu-Kei, who works as an accountant in Hong Kong.

Jacky Wong Siu-Kei has made a lot of good friends among the referees at Dana Cup; for instance, he has gotten to know many referees from England. However, on Sunday, Mary Yang Wenxiu and Jacky Wong Siu-Kei will travel the long way home to Hong Kong. The couple is going to fly from Copenhagen to Stockholm and via Beijing they will return home after a 16-hour flight.

'I say, it is a very long journey,' the referee smiles before he is to referee two games in the burning sun.

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