Spanish Football with Danish Touch

24. Jul 2014
In the picture some of the players from U.E. Castelldefels are pictured together with pilot and dad, Kim Søegaard

 Spanish Football with Danish Touch

 The Spanish boys from the club U.E. Castelldefels, which is situated around 20 kilometers from the center of Barcelona, got their personal pilot, Kim Søegaard, to fly the 16 players, 4 coaches, plus 19 parents and siblings to Denmark.

This was due to the fact that the pilot son's, Rasmus, was among the B12 players. And, of course, dad brings the kids to football! Moreover, the connection to Dana Cup is also quite obvious since Bettina, Rasmus' mum, is a football girl from Hjørring.

Having participated in DBU's summer Football School in Hjørring last year, Bettina just called to ask if Rasmus might be allowed to experience Dana Cup by playing for a Danish team. This call took a rather unexpected twist when Bettina was suddenly asked to work as a kind of guide during the study visit by Dana Cup's board in Barcelona and in order to thank Bettina Dana Cup invited Rasmus' team to the tournament.

'While the boys are enjoying Dana Cup, the Spanish families like Denmark very much. The Danes are a kind and welcoming people. However, they still have to get used to the fact that Danes normally eat dinner around 6 p.m. and not 10 p.m.,' Bettina smiles.

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