Without Support No Dana Cup

25. Jul 2014

 Without Support No Dana Cup

 Coach André Zagrean from FC Rival in Rumania is not in doubt; without kind support by both Dana Cup and the couple Bodil and Holger Christensen from Hjørring 18 boys and 7 managers would never be able to come to Denmark and the world's third largest football tournament for youth.

'The support from Denmark means everything,' stresses 27-year-old André Zagrean, who participates for the first time. As a youth player he went to a tournament in Holland and then he turned professional abroad – until a serious injury ended his active career.

'Dana is a fantastic tournament. I am very impressed by how organised the tournament is. Everything works perfectly, and I sincerely hope that we will be able to return in 2015,' smiles André Zagrean, who had to watch his team loose the last sixteen.

FC Rival gathers selected players from a large area in Rumania. Accordingly, the players have only practiced together a few times before travelling to Denmark.

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