G16 Finals 2014

26. Jul 2014

 LYN Victory in a Norwegian Final

 Lyn FB (NOR) - Fortuna Ålesund FK (NOR) 3 - 1

Actually, it was a pity that Fortuna Ålesund lost the final. With a fantastic fight and lots of running the players in white worked hard during the entire game. But, in the purely Norwegian final, they had to admit that Lyn FC was the better team, nonetheless, and thus, deserved to win.

It was a very intense game with many fine, individual performances. However, to everybody's surprise Fortuna Ålesund scored after 9 minutes – surprisingly, because Lyn should have scored the first goal of the game just minutes before. After an impressive move, Lyn still equalised and about five minutes later Lyn's best player scored again making it 2-1.

All the time, Ålesund believed that they could win, but when Lyn scored yet again just seven minutes before the end of the match, the winner had more or less been found.

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