G15 Finals 2014

26. Jul 2014

 Never Any Doubt about the Victory

EFT International (DEN) - Bærum SK (NOR) 3 - 0 (1 - 0)

Bærum SK from Norway never stood a chance in the final against Danish EFT International. Even though the Danes had to wait 10 minutes before scoring the first goal, it was quite obvious from the very start of the game that the Danes wanted to win the match. And, consequently, the Norwegians were under a lot of pressure all the time.

The Danes were very good at pressuring the Norwegians, and the players from Bærum were unable to ease that pressure. Therefore, EFT were able to score another two goals, one even on penalty, albeit it was not a clear penalty.

EFT International, who are coached by Steve Carrera, were the best in all aspects of the game. No shame in losing to a team that is better.

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