B19 Finals 2014

26. Jul 2014

 Skills more Important than Physical Power

 Skedsmo FK (NOR) - Lusaka Youth SA (ZAM) 0 - 4 (0 - 2)

The players from Lusaka – the capital of Zambia – were fast and skilled. On the other hand, the players from Sketsmo in Norway had to use their physical power if they were to win the final.

However, speed and skills beat physical power.

In the beginning of the game the African players gave a taste of their abilities, but when they finally scored after 20 minutes of play it was ok because they had had most ball possession and the best opportunities.

And when Lusaka scored again only three minutes later, it was difficult to image how the Norwegian boys could get back into the game.

However, they did try. They fought the best they had learned but, nevertheless, Lusaka Youth scored yet again just two minutes into the second half.

At that point, everybody knew that Lusaka would win the final.

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