Dana Cup seen around the World

01. Aug 2014
Gistrup MG 0409

Photo: Dana Cup Hjørring

Dana Cup seen around the World


Dana Cup is of course very interesting for the 20,000 participants that unite on and off the fields in Hjørring. It is also just as interesting for the people who must stay at home. They use more and more the option to see the Dana Cup live on the internet. 

We have streamed live from this years Dana Cup and no less than 31,000 have followed our transmissions from their PC, Mac or from the Dana Cup App. 

Throughout the week 27.5 procent of the views were from Danish addresses. Second highest was the Norwegian interest with 18.9 procent.

The live broadcasts of the finals on Friday and Saturday were followed by 11,000 viewers, mostly from abroad. The interest from Norway was huge as they had many teams in the finals. 3,892 Norwegians were on the net to follow the finals from the Hjørring Stadium. There was also a lot of interest from some more exotic countries. 630 Brazilians clicked in and followed teams from Brazil. Apart from them there were 888 Germans and 597 American viewers on the last two tournament days. 

Top 10 list for the week, looks like this:

Denmark 27.5 %, Norway 18.9, Germany 12.1, Sweden 4.3, Brazil 4.2, USA 4.1, UK 3.9, Portugal 2.6, Bangladesh 2.1 and Mexico 1.8 %.

Hjørring is brought into living rooms all around the World and also in Hjørring as the Hjørring Antenna Company and their Informaiton Channel also runs Dana Cup throughout the week. 

It was a week where Hjørring and the Dana Cup were hugely exposed!

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