Dana Cup Tent Camping

24. Nov 2014

Dana Cup Tent Camping 


"Dana Cup Tent Camping" is the hottest new edition to our accommodation at the Dana Cup 2015.

Dana Cup will be setting up a large number of brand new tents in the middle of the Dana Cup center area, just 500 meters from the Vendiahallen and the Nord Energi Boxen.

This gives the many family members and supporters who wish to follow the Dana Cup participants in Hjørring an extra option apart from the traditional and well known options. The new option is also well priced. For 1 week it will only cost DKK 1.995,00 and that includes the tent space and tent for 4 persons. The tent can be taken home with you.

They are brand new, functional and comfortable tents that will be raised at the Dana Cup Tent Camping site. The tents consist of 2 compartments with plenty of space for 4 people and their luggage. 

A special toilet and shower area will also be set up for the camping guests. 

If you choose the tent option at the Dana Cup in July, it will be a pleasent and relaxing experience. We cannot garantee sunshine but the possibility is very high as the Dana Cup is normally played under beautiful sunny conditions.

You have the possibility to take a relaxing holiday in the middle of the playing fields and the thousands of very happy, young soccer players. Your meals can also be prepared by others. 

You can purchase an eating card so you can eat your meals in the new dining hall "Nord Energi Boxen", these meals are prepared by the huge Dana Cup kitchen. 

This new offer at the cozy Dana Cup Tent Camping site will be very popular so we request you to make your orders today rather than tomorrow. 

You can order online on our website here or by sending an e-mail to soccer@danacup.dk


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