Huge praise for the Dana Cup

24. Jan 2015

Photo: Marco Fabián, carefully watched by Jette Andersen and Alison Leigh Forman, signing the Dana Cup 2015 poster. 

Huge praise for the Dana Cup


Marco Fabián is one of the hottest names in Mexican football and in the World and he has no doubt which experience stands highest on his list and that is when he participated in the Dana Cup in 2005. This is what he informed the Dana Cup Director, Jette Andersen and Marketing Manager, Alison Leigh Forman when they met on his home field in Guadalajara in Mexico.

When Marco Fabián was still playing for Cruz Azul he scored a fantastic goal, which saw him nominated as one of the eight nominees for the FIFA Puskás Award. But it was Colombia's James Rodriguez, that won the award for the World's best goal in 2014 with a fantastic volley in their World Cup match against Uruguay.

Marco Fabián is so enthusiastic about the Dana Cup that he wishes to return but obviously it is not possible as a player.

Marco Fabián started his own football school in Guadalajara, three years ago.

- The boys at my school must experience the same experience that I did in 2005. So I hope that we will soon have a team ready for the Dana Cup.

Marco Fabián is today playing for the huge Mexican club Chivas and for the Mexican National Team. When he played in the final at the Dana Cup, his team played against Pequeninos do Jockey from São Paulo in Brazil and the Mexican team won while Marco was named "Best Player" in the final. 

Marco 1

Photo: Marco Fabián telling the Dana Cup Director, Jette Andersen that his biggest football experience was the Dana Cup in 2005. In between you can see Dana Cup's Mexican Agent, Patricia Espinosa and Marketing Manager, Alison Leigh Forman.

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