Chivas to return

24. Jan 2015

Photo: A fantastic environment at Chivas gave the perception of an extremely harmonious club. Juan Covarrubias took the Dana Cup guests on a special tour. In the avenue, the banners represent the many championships that Chivas have won.

Chivas to return


Five times they have won the Dana Cup and at the same time won the hearts of all football lovers. The huge Mexican football club Chivas from Guadalajara are a club that represent the very best within football and at the same time off the field, they also lead with exemplary behaviour. 

Why the 14 year old boys from Chivas and their leaders could leave such a good impression came to light when the Dana Cup representatives visited Chivas. 

The Chivas school and club exist within an eco environment and there is a strong sense of ethics surrounding everything that happens within the area and within the club. 

Juan Covarrubias, who is responsible for International Relations with Chivas, welcomed the Dana Cup representatives and gave them a relaxing and informal tour that confirmed the positive impression.

Chivas consider themselves the club with the heart and the true representative for Mexican football. 

Juan Covarrubias expressed that Chivas are most likely to return to the Dana Cup.

He also deals these wishes with others from the club. The Dana Cup group meet many members who have some wonderful memories from the Dana Cup and who wish that the new generation will also be able to have the same experiences.  

Chivas 1

Photo: The Dana Cup group met many members who have been in Hjørring and they all had wonderful memories and wanted to have photos taken. From the left: Director, Jette Andersen and our Mexican Agent, Patricia Espinosa and far right, Marketing Manager, Alison Leigh Forman together with a member from Chivas who had been in Hjørring. 

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