Dana Cup record

02. Feb 2015

Photo: The General Secretary at Costa Ricas Football Federation, Rafael A. Vargas Brenes, gave a warm welcome to the Dana Cup representatives - Director, Jette Andersen and Marketing Manager, Alison Leigh Forman. The federation is spreading the word about the Dana Cup in Costa Rica.

Dana Cup on the way to a record


Dana Cup 2015 is looking like being the biggest ever. The tournament Director, Jette Andersen is without a doubt after just returning from a successful promotion tour in USA, Mexico and Costa Rica.

- We are always a little careful when we release a statement about the number of participants in the Dana Cup. We are afraid to disappoint ourselves, the many clubs who assist us and others who help the Dana Cup and who also look forward to welcoming young football players from all around the World. But this year I am very sure, when I dare to say that we will experience the largest Dana Cup ever, says Director, Jette Andersen.

- Last year there were 1.011 teams in the tournament. Entries at this time are way over the same amount for the same time in 2014, which was a record year. 

I see it as economic optimism around the world. There is a huge wish to travel and play football and there is money to do it.

Ever since we opened for registrations we have been extremely busy and we could feel the increased interest. 

On our promotion tour we secured several teams from both USA and Mexico for the Dana Cup 2015.

In Costa Rica we were met with tremendous responsiveness by the national Football Federation, who are sharing our Dana Cup information to all of their clubs around the country. We are hoping for many participants in 2016.

After Costa Ricas success at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil and the womens qualification to the FIFA Women's World Cup in Canada this year, they have become a nation with a prestigious football reputation. The General Secretary from the Football Federation, Rafael A. Vargas Brenes, could tell us that they are receiving invitations from all around the World, so we are very happy that they are giving our invitation special treatment. 

With more teams from Costa Rica, Mexico and USA, the Dana Cup can offer an even wider range of teams that play the kind of football that everyone wants to experience. 

We are now seriously embarking on the practical preparations for the tournament. With a record number of teams, there are of course challenges for the Dana Cup administration and the hundreds of volunteers from Fortuna and our cooperating clubs who are on the field up to and during the Dana Cup week. We will all need to stand together to give an extra support this year. 

It is not only those who are directly involved who will be meet challenges, it is the whole community - municipal, businesses and industries.  

Between 25.000 and 30.000 extra people in and around Hjørring, creates a huge turnover and helps the economy everywhere.  



Photo: Here you can see the Mexican National Team player, Marco Fabián signing the Dana Cup 2015 poster. Marco has played in the Dana Cup him selv and says it was his biggest football  experince and now he wants to send young players from his football school to our tournament.

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