Featured Team Interview 10

11. Mar 2015

Photo: Staad FC from Switzerland.

Staad FC from Switzerland - G17 and G13


Tell us briefly the history of your club/team?

Our club has existed for 20 years. Although we're a small "village-club", our famous women's team will play it's eighth season in the top Swiss league.

Is it your first time at the Dana Cup if not how many times has your club participated?

We have already been to the Dana Cup eight times, so we know Denmark very well. After a little break we've decided to return once again to the Dana Cup. This year we are coming with 2 teams. Last time we fielded 5 teams in total.

What are your goals and expectations for the Dana Cup 2015?

The previous participations have been great. We remember that we like the tournament very much and that's what we also hope for the 2015 edition.

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Staad FC, Christian Wenger - Welcome to the Dana Cup 2015.


Photo: Staad FC from Switzerland.

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