Dana Cup, a step

13. Apr 2015

Photo: Brian Laudrup, Denmark

Dana Cup, a step towards the top 


Dana Cup has taken place 33 times in Hjørring and it has given thousands of young soccer players a huge football experience. For many of the young Dana Cup players, it has also been a step towards football stardom. 

We have heard many times of players who are now representing their national teams and who also played at the Dana Cup when they were younger. 

Many players from Mexico, Middle and South America are now playing on their national teams, for a European top club or on an amazing Mexican or South American team. 

When the Dana Cup is visiting clubs around the World, there is always a new name that comes up that also can be found on a Dana Cup participant list. 

Many of these players admit that the Dana Cup was their first amazing football experience.

Now we would like to know of the success that these players have had after the Dana Cup.

Dana Cup is therefore making a "Dana Cup Stars" list and we are certain that it will be a long list when it is finished. 

Dana Cup would like your assistance with the list, so you are welcome to use our online form here and we will check the information sent in, as we must be sure that the Dana Cup was actually a step towards the top! 

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