A-Z play with the Dana Cup

27. Apr 2023

Operations Manager, Lone Krogh Andersen has visited the Dana Cup to confirm the new agreement. Lone is together with Sales Consultant, Thomas Hugo Møller and Dana Cup Director Jette Andersen.

A-Z play with the Dana Cup

A-Z in Hjørring and the Dana Cup have entered into a partnership. A-Z want to "play" with the Dana Cup and Fortuna Group.

When the Dana Cup commences, between the 24th to the 29th of July, A-Z will be found in the Park Vendia. Operations Manager, Lone Krogh Andersen wants A-Z to be a part of Hjørring´s festive and colourful Dana Cup and she wants to form a close relationship with Dana Cup and Fortuna throughout the year.

To start with, A-Z will be found at the Dana Cup Event Area with a 400 square meter exhibition tent. A-Z will be showing LEGO products and festival equipment.

- I am convinced that it will be a huge success being present within the crowds that are around at the Dana Cup, says Lone Krogh Andersen.

- LEGO is aimed at all age groups but most of all the younger generation that is highly represented at the Dana Cup. So that is why, LEGO is our main ingredient in our exhibition but there will also be exciting "festival equipment" which the Dana Cup participants can have some great experiences with.

- We are very happy that A-Z have chosen to be on the field when around 20.000 young people visit our tournament, says Sales Consultant, Thomas Hugo Møller from the Dana Cup.

- It means a lot to us, when local businesses join us and are represented when the Dana Cup kicks off. This will now happen with A-Z and it will be a huge experience for our participants, for the business and for us at the Dana Cup.



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