B16 Finals 2022

30. Jul 2022

Vestbyen IL (NOR) – Vidar FK (NOR) (0-1)

When Vidar FK from Norway left home to participate in the Dana Cup, the club hoped that two of the club’s 17 teams would reach the A-finals. Hope was turned into reality, and while the team in class B18-19 lost to a Nigerian team, the team in class B16 won against compatriots from Vestbyen IL.

Unsurprisingly, the match was an intense fight, so when Vidar FK made it 1-0 after 17 minutes of play, it was still a very even game.
As a matter of fact, Vestbyen IL had not intention of giving up, so Vidar FK had to fight valiantly for victory in the last final at the Dana Cup 2022.

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