B18-19 Finals 2022

30. Jul 2022

Vidar FK (NOR) – Mailantarki Care Sport (NIG) (0-0) 0-1

So far, the players in green jerseys from Mailantarki Care Sport in Nigeria have been the most positive experience of the day because their way of playing soccer was wonderful to watch. They were lightening fast and had a very good understanding of the game. Moreover, they were athletic and strong, plus they were aggressive and eager to attack. Consequently, Vidar FK from Norway had plenty to do in keeping the Nigerians away from the goal.

Vidar fought exemplary and played well in the fast-paced match, but the Nigerians never gave them rest to create anything.

In the second half, Vikar FK played better, as the Nigerians remained rather ineffective in front of the Norwegian goal.

However, five minutes before the end of the game, the best player of the match made it 1-0. Thus, the Nigerians won gold in a final both teams can be proud of. Vidar FK lost to the better team.

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