Dana Cup and Euro-Sportring are new partners

23. Mar 2022

Dana Cup and Euro-Sportring are new partners

A new partnership has been established between the Dana Cup and the large international organizer of youth football tournaments, Euro-Sportring.

As of today, the Dana Cup is a part of the huge bouquet of football tournaments that Euro-Sportring hold in 12 European countries.

Both the Dana Cup and Euro-Sportring are looking forward to the cooperation that will benefit European youth football teams.

Every year, Euro-Sportring has over 8.000 teams participating in their tournaments. The Dana Cup welcomes around 1.000 teams every year and are now back in action after COVID-19.

Based on their respective positions, the two tournament organizers are looking towards a bright future.

‘’We are looking forward to our new collaboration with Euro-Sporting. Euro-Sportring have a similar DNA to the Dana Cup and are highly respected within the industry in Europe.

One of our goals in the coming years, is to increase the number of participating teams from Europe. So the new collaboration between Euro-Sportring and the Dana Cup is perfectly timed.

We look forward to our new unification‘’ says Jette Andersen – Director Dana Cup.

‘’Dana Cup is a perfect addition to the tournament program of Euro-Sportring. Euro-Sportring already has a large tournament program in the spring.

The Dana Cup is the largest summer tournament in Denmark and has been over the last 40 years. We will promote the Dana Cup in 12 European countries where Euro-Sportring is active.

This will make the sporting challenge of the participating teams even more exciting.

We are looking forward to a sportive and constructive cooperation.’’ says Rogier de Kreek – CEO Euro-Sportring

Dana Cup and Euro-Sportring have a new partnership

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