Dana Cup = Spectacular Playing Fields

14. Feb 2022

Dana Cup = Spectacular Playing Fields

One thing an international youth football tournament must have, is amazing playing fields.

Here in Hjørring in Northern Jutland there is an abundance of top class fields available in one of Northern Europe’s best football arenas.

In our community we are blessed with over 60 fantastic grass fields in 3 areas. In our center area and within walking distance of the Dana Cup headquarters, you will find 32 fields in total. The remaining fields are found on the edge of the city within 4 kilometers of the center area and then there are a few fields in the outer area between 8 to 18 kilometers away.

All of the playing fields found outside the center area are connected with our “Hop on and hop off” buses.

So the foundation is ready for top class international youth football on beautiful green playing fields.

Join us this summer 25-30 July 2022

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