Dana Cup Mini & Dana Cup Qualification

15. Feb 2023

Dana Cup Mini & Dana Cup Qualification

It´s with great pleasure we officially invite you to participate in our brand new Dana Cup Mini 18-20 May 2023.

Dana Cup Mini will be played in the Dana Cup center area, with accommodations, fields, dining halls etc. all within walking distance, so no need for transport during the tournament.

The first teams are registered from Denmark, England, Germany, Norway and Sweden. We have space for more teams, so get your team together and sign up today, we promise good times through youth football.

As an extra incentive we are offering direct qualification to the Dana Cup 24-29 July 2023.

This means all the winners from the Dana Cup Mini will receive free participation at the Dana Cup 2023. (Start and participation fees only).

Winners of the youngest classes, Girls 10, 11 and Boys 10 will be able to send older teams from their club to play the Dana Cup.

Check out our Dana Cup Mini classes here and register online today – registrations close 1 April, 2023.

Welcome to the Dana Cup Mini 2023!

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