Dana Cup on the road in Norway

24. Nov 2022

Dana Cup on the road in Norway

2 fantastic days on the road from Stavanger to Kristiansand in Norway.

6 clubs visited – Forus & Gausel IL, Madla IL, Vidar FK, Hinna Fotball, Brodd IL og Mandalskameratene, FK.

Since 1982 these clubs alone have sent 948 youth football teams to the Dana Cup in Denmark, with Vidar FK representing Norway in every edition since 1982.

Dana Cup is a tradition for many Norwegian clubs, it is a part of their DNA, club culture and plays an integral role in uniting their members.

It is extremely important for us to see; hear and understand the significant role we play, as we continue to ensure the Dana Cup is an experience of a lifetime for youth footballers and their clubs.

Thanks for the warm welcome and thanks for sharing your Dana Cup Experiences with us.
Thanks Sør Sportsreiser.

Forus & Gausel IL – Jarle, Bob, Alison, Morten & Raymond

Madla IL – Morten, Bob, Eirik, Fredrik, Alison & Raymond

Vidar FK – Alison, Gaute & Bob

Hinna Fotball – Bob, Hans Arne, Alison & Nils Ingar

Brodd IL – Alison, Bob, Kyrre & Roy

Mandalskameratene FK – Inge, Atle, Alison, Bob & Daniel

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