Dana Cup Overview and Registration

09. Nov 2022

Video Recap from Dana Cup 2022 - Powered by SELECT
Dana Cup was the first tournament in the world to play with the SELECT PLANET Football, which is made from recycled PET plastic bottles.

Dana Cup Overview and Registration

Every summer more than 1.000 teams from 45 nations travel to North Jutland in Denmark to participate in one of the largest and top ranked youth football tournaments in the world.

Amateur teams get the opportunity to represent their country and enjoy the thrill and excitement of playing international matches, just like their idols do in World Cups, Olympics and so on.

In 2023 we offer the following classes

Boys B18-19, B17, B16, B15, B14, B13, B12 and B11
Girls G18-19, G17, G16, G15, G14, G13 and G12
See the full list online here

The Dana Cup week at a glance

Dana Cup Kick Off – training tournament Sunday and Monday
Opening Ceremony - Monday evening
First Rounds - Tuesday and Wednesday
Leader Meeting - Tuesday night
Second Rounds - Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Dana Cup Event Area & Disco - Monday to Friday
Finals - Friday and Saturday

Register for the Dana Cup 2023

Registration is done online here
After you register you will receive a confirmation and all bookings for the tournament are done online via your Team Login.


Start fee 1st of May 2023
Participation fee 25th of May 2023
Extra orders 1st of July 2023

Join us in 2023 and celebrate our 40th Anniversary Tournament.


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