Dana Cup Streaming is very popular

29. Jul 2022

Dana Cup Streaming is very popular

A collaboration between camera manufacturer Spiideo and Dana Cup has been a great success. With Spiideo's cameras, all matches are recorded on 6 of the approx. 50 Dana Cup fields and then the matches are available worldwide. During the first three days of the tournament, 1200 matches were sold worldwide.

Janus Jacobsen from Gistrup Film takes care of distribution and technology around the streamed matches. ‘I am very pleased with the technical quality coming in from the Spiideo cameras. The image sharpness is great and the cameras' ability to follow the game is first-rate,’ Janus Jacobsen explains.

‘We certainly can't complain about the stability either. We have not - during the week - had any disturbances. There have been no interruptions, apart from a single time on a single field, when a participant pulled the plug because he needed to charge his iPhone. It was reported immediately, and a quarter of an hour later we had located the "error". Going forward, we must safeguard the electrical system better. Moreover, the interest in the streamed matches is great abroad; in particular, we have many Norwegian customers. When we sell a match package for 100 DKK and a single match for 60 DKK and ensure a constant update of the offer list, there is a "queue at the door", Dana Cup's press manager, Torben Vandsted, says.

‘ We were excited about receiving this new service. It has gone far beyond expectations. Consequently, we are already preparing for an expansion. Next year, I want us to stream from 20 soccer pitches,’ Torben Vandsted states.

The experiences from the Dana Cup also benefit Fortuna. The plan is that autumn's U16DM and U18DM matches on Fortuna's “exhibition” pitch will be streamed and sold. Actually, there is a sneak preview of Fortuna streaming on Sunday 31 July at 13, when Fortuna's team in the Gjensidige Kvindeliga meets Kolding IF in a training match leading up to the start of the league.

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