Danish Coach of Norwegian Club

27. Jul 2022

Danish Coach of Norwegian Club

In the middle of all the Norwegian words, a voice quite charmingly mixes Norwegian and Danish. The voice belongs to John Petersen, who originates from Store Heddinge on Zealand in Denmark. For a year and a half he has worked as a full-time coach of the best women’s team in Egersund in Norway.

‘Before moving to Norway, I worked as a full-time coach in the Faroe Islands,’ says John Petersen, who, in addition to coaching in Egersund IK, is responsible for coach and player development at the club. Egersund, a faithful participant at the Dana Cup, has registered 11 teams this year.

Egersunds Idrettsklubb or EIK offers football, handball and athletics, and the club is best known for its football team, which is in the 2nd division.

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