East Legon Football Academy - Ghana

12. Mar 2024

East Legon FA - Ghana - Team Interview

Tell us briefly the name of your club and where you come from, a little background?

East Legon Football Academy (E.L.F.A), based in Accra and founded in 2019, aims to leverage football to positively impact the lives of youth in Ghana. Through innovative strategies such as academic and athletic scholarships and partnerships like the Emerge project, the academy provides diverse opportunities and mentorship to its players, believing in football's potential as a unifying force globally.

Tell us what participating in the Dana Cup means for you and your team/s?

Participation in the Dana Cup signifies a dream come true for our team, fostering friendships and connections with players worldwide. Notably, we have formed a bond with a goalkeeper from Norway who will join our team in 2024.

What are your goals and expectations at the Dana Cup 2024?

Our main objective for the Dana Cup 2024 is to secure the trophy, showcasing our commitment to excellence in football. However, we understand that regardless of the outcome, we all emerge as winners. As a young team, we aspire to continue participating in the Dana Cup for as long as possible, embracing the spirit of competition and camaraderie.

Dana Cup has made a pledge to support the Global Goals – which goal will you play for at the Dana Cup 2024?

We are particularly focused on partnerships with an education and sustainable development approach. Partnership is fundamental to our club's philosophy, and in 2024, we prioritise partnerships for sustainable development and advocate for quality education, aiming to serve as ambassadors for positive change in our community and beyond.

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