Final G16 2023

29. Jul 2023

Loddefjord IL (NOR) – KFUM-kammeraterne Oslo (NOR) (1-2)

KFUM kammeraterne from Oslo only needed a few minutes to shake off Loddefjord's early goal. In just three minutes, they turned the score from 1-0 to 1-2, and as neither team managed to score further, that was also the final result, in a match where the team from Oslo was in control for most of the match.

Loddefjord did not have the tools to seriously challenge KFUM kammeraterne and, equally, the Oslo team had not found the formula to get past Loddefjord's defence.
At times, both teams kept kicking the ball over a long distance instead of passing the ball on the ground and, thus, they failed to create any real chances.

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