B11 Finals 2022

29. Jul 2022

Aalborg KFUM (DAN) – FC Albarsa (MAK) (0-2) 1-3

When you win, you always deserve it because if nothing else, you have at least scored most goals. But the Danish boys might find that hard to accept. Despite being physically inferior, the Danes played an excellent final, in which they demonstrated technical skills and understanding of the game at a high level.

Nonetheless, the Macedonians’ victory cannot be tampered with because they were incredibly efficient and skilled, plus they had a brilliant goalkeeper.

After around 30 minutes, they nevertheless managed to score. If the goal gave hope for more, however, the Macedonians extinguished the Danish dreams with the decisive goal just three minutes before the final whistle.

It was a great final, in which both teams fought exemplary, and it will be exciting to follow them in the future.

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