Hjørring’s New Mayor is looking forward to the Dana Cup

25. Jul 2022

Hjørring’s New Mayor is looking forward to the Dana Cup

For the first time, Hjørring’s new mayor, Søren Smalbro, will welcome 830 football teams from large parts of the world to the town and municipality. And he is delighted.

‘As far back as I can remember, week 30 has always meant the Dana Cup. That is a week of summer and lots of football throughout the municipality. The shops stay open longer and the local clubs provide volunteers; thus ensuring that the big event can be run to everyone’s satisfaction’, Søren Smalbro says.

On Monday he lights the flame at the City Stage together with the players and managers from two teams who have been selected as representatives of all the teams in the tournament. The flame will burn throughout the tournament. Subsequently, the two teams are invited to the town council hall, where the mayor officially welcomes them. Monday evening, Søren Smalbro will give the opening speech at the NordEnergi Arena in front of the many thousands participants, managers and families. Moreover, the mayor will also give a speech at the traditional VIP event on Tuesday evening in Fiberhallen.

‘I am really looking forward to it. The Dana Cup is an incredibly important event for the entire Hjørring municipality and during the corona pandemic we really missed welcoming all the football players. The Dana Cup puts Hjørring on the world map, and the importance of the tournament cannot be emphasized enough’, Søren Smalbro stresses.

‘Now we have put the corona pandemic behind us. We can travel across national borders and I can clearly sense that everyone has missed meeting people again’, Hjørring’s mayor states.



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