La Academia FC like the Dana Cup

27. Jul 2022

La Academia FC like the Dana Cup

Earlier this morning, La Academia FC from Guatemala played their second match in B14 at this year’s Dana Cup. In a well-played game, they beat their opponents 8-0. So far, the team has won the first two matches. Actually, it is not the first time the club from Guatemala is here since they participated in the tournament for the first time in 1994.

’We like the Dana Cup because it is such a beautiful tournament. Moreover, the people in the schools and at check-in, plus the players on the fields are nice. It is great to be back,’ coach Byron Maldonado says, while pointing out that he hopes that the players get a lot of experience.

’Back home at our football school we prepare the players for the tournament. If we teach them well, they might win the Dana Cup,’ coach Byron Maldonado smiles.

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